You’ve stumbled on a catalogue of travels, an illiad-esque journey that began in the green fields of a Pennsylvania farm, recorded by the 26 year old nomad who has since 2004 been doing what she does best: moving. Words in Motion is a collection of poems, stories, observations and experiences written from different times and locations in the U.S. and around the world.

In my 26 years, I’ve had a lot of homes: houses, apartments, attic nooks, tents, my car’s backseat, cabins, condos, dorms, couches, floors, and even once, a desert wash in Utah. Since graduating high school six years ago, my homes have lasted anywhere from one week to five months and have spanned over five separate states and three countries including Germany, England and Nepal. Throughout the travels my pen has stayed as busy as my wandering feet, recording thoughts and insights as they arise; Words in Motion is a collection that will continue to grow as the list of locations grows longer, because, really, all of life is the journey.

Please enjoy the stories, the words, the photos and leave a note or two when the urge strikes you. Happy travels!


One Response to “The Journey”

  1. cindy rinker Says:

    Your expression of the farm is a treasure I would love to hear more of. Please keep writing, for you are so talened. cindy

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