After my Alaskan travels last summer, it became crystaline that I need to write about glaciers. During my two recents semesters of grad school, I developed a thesis project based on this goal and will be keeping my site updated on my project blog Glaciers in Motion. So check in there this summer for an account of capturing the glacier experience.

A small teaser:

” Glaciers are melting, it’s true. Scientific measurements, photographs, personal accounts, evolutionary ecosystem histories prove this. But I don’t want to focus on that. We already know that.

I want to focus instead on the incredulity of glaciers. On capturing the experience of sleeping and waking on a glacier. On feeling it grumble, hearing its pure blue streams gurgle and laugh, watching its colors morph as light changes through the long hours of a day. On peering into the void of a crevasse and appreciating what such voids can teach us.”

Thanks for your readership and support. Enjoy!