August 2009

Desert Sunrise


In the rearview,
the canyons slipped away
red, orange, golden faced friends
glowing in the Utah sunset

Tan fingers gripped
the black steering wheel
bare foot hovered
just on the pedal

I pressed on
fingers drumming
mind humming
I shouldn’t be leaving.

The desert is a haven,
a hard, hot reminder
of life’s realness
of skin-crisping rays,
waterless washes,
eye-stinging windstorms,
hard rains and flashfloods so
fierce they sweep away your
every last tent stake
without a hint of remorse,
Haunting solitude, soul-exposing
aloneness that makes you cry out
at the sight of

What honesty! What beauty!
What absolute perfection on earth!

And in the morning,
night’s chill lingers until
purple light starts
on the edge of the universe, illuminating
blocky tower silhouettes
waiting, grey hovering, sky expanding until

suddenly pale dawn transforms
into piercing layers of

purple, orange, blue, green

red, and gold
Exploding on the horizon
Morphing into one another
out of each other, stretching wide
until all is quiet,

the clear blue sky resounds.
It could be, the most beautiful sight you could ever see

The desert doesn’t need you.
The sun will keep rising,
The earth will keep baking,
The washes keep flooding,
whether your tent is there or not.

How weightless a feeling to not be needed.

In the other world (the schedules we construct,
the tasks we create, the stress that harbors us)
We are so needy, so needed,
So attached to these needs.

If only we could free ourselves
Take off our shoes and bury
these toes in the dusty red dirt
Breathe in hot, clean, pure air

We might find a peace
that always existed
But we never knew was there.

Rubber tires take me further
once more from the truth
back to ‘reality’
But away from what is real.
A smile slips across my face

At least I can take the
memory of it with me.


I don’t belong anywhere.
At least not at this point in life.
I float because I haven’t found it,
Or have found it
In motion.
The people will be where ever, if I open myself to them.
The experiences are everywhere, if I’m aware.
Contentment will find me if I give her the chance,
there’s no rush to jump that gun.
Travels can be lonely
Other times too social
And that’s ok.
Not every moment will be perfect
Not every moment should be perfect.
And that’s ok.
Why am I concerned by my lack of commitment?
I’ll settle when settling is right
And I’ll know.
Trust the instinct,
Trust the urge,
Trust the knowledge gained,
Trust yourself.
Trust the road of open possibility

And go.